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C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E
Glen H. Sandberg, M.S.
12401 Cambridge Blvd.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

January 1998

Retired at age 69 from regular position; available for occasional short-term contracts.

November 1990 - December 1997

Medical Physicist

USAF Medical Center Keesler
Radiation Therapy
Biloxi MS 39534-5300
(601) 377-6291

Responsible for clinical physics, including calibration and quality assurance of CLINAC 6-100 and 2100C accelerators, in a radiation therapy department treating about 40 patients each day.

Create special devices for patient positioning and beam shaping for customized electron and photon beam therapy.

Teach in-service training for Therapy Technologists and other department personnel.

December 1989 - May 1990

Radiation Physicist

Department of Radiation Oncology
Ohio State University
300 W. Tenth Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1228

Temporary position for acceptance testing, calibration, and beam data acquisition with three new Siemens KD and MD accelerators in a new cancer treatment center.
December 1976 - July 1989 

Senior Physicist 

Department of Radiation Oncology 
Riverside Methodist Hospitals 
3535 Olentangy River Road 
Columbus, Ohio 43214 

Responsible for Radiation Physics in a therapy department treating 500-750 new patients per year, with 1-3 radiation oncologists and a staff of 18.

Major areas of responsibility have included:

Startup and calibration of TOSHIBA LMR-15 linac including 10 MV x-ray and 6-16 MeV electron beams and the development of our own beam blocking system, large-field and low-energy electron beams, and whole-skin electron therapy for mycosis fungoides.

Shielding design and installation supervision for Varian CLINAC 4-100 including CTM computer monitor system; commissioning and calibration including data entry to THERAPLAN treatment planning computer system.

Calibration and data entry for Varian CLINAC 1800.

Calibrations and operational adjustments of Picker C-9 isocentric cobalt therapy machine.

Specification, purchase, and startup of PDPll computer system to run TP-11 treatment planning system as an add-on option from AECL, with extra capabilities for machine control and real-time data acquisition applications.

Brachytherapy Physics including intracavitary 137Cs and interstitial 125I, 198Au, and 192Ir in temporary and permanent implants. Assist with sterile procedures, check source calibrations, maintain inventory, calculate prescribed activity and absorbed dose distributions.

Development of a B.S. Physicist with no prior medical experience, from the position of electronics technician to that of Clinical Dosimetrist, with nearly full responsibility for routine treatment planning, therapy machine tune-up and calibration checks, and fabrication of customized radiation therapy appliances.

Training and supervision of therapy technologists in Physics applications including routine machine setting calculations, and regular checking of therapy patient records for accuracy and for the appropriate use of therapy modalities and calculation methods.

Periodic checks at a satellite small-town hospital to meet NRC and AHA requirements for physics support of their Cobalt therapy program.
Specification, purchase and installation of equipment for a complete 700 square foot instrument shop including machine tools chosen for their versatility to accommodate awkward pieces for patient positioning devices, as well as bench space and fume hood for working with lead, 158o alloy, wax, silicone latex, vinyl molding compound, and other materials used for x-ray and electron beam shaping. 

The Radiological physics support at Riverside Methodist Hospitals has included self-sufficiency for maintenance and adjustment of the TOSHIBA LMR-15 electron accelerator and for immediate response to diagnose and correct minor faults on the other equipment. Although we use the manufacturers' service representatives for routine care of the Varian CLINAC 1800 and 4/100 accelerators and XIMATRON simulator we avoid unnecessary downtime by making adjustments and temporary repairs locally and knowing what is needed when we call for service. 


1964 - Dec. 1976

Research Physicist

Medical Physics Department
Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois

Responsibilities included:

Radiation Therapy Physics: Operation, maintenance, and improvement of 35 MeV Stanford and 6 MeV Varian linear accelerators for medical use, including computer aided design of optimized therapy port for 5-40 MeV electrons using a novel annular secondary scatterer for beam flattening.

Patient positioning aids such as retroreflective monitor using an optical pointer and coaxial photoelectric detector to interrupt the therapy machine and/or signal a technician if the patient moves away from a preset position by more than the chosen size of retroreflective adhesive tape target applied to the patient's skin.

Development of dosimetry instrumentation such as a digital dose integrator using a capacitive charge transfer system to achieve long-term stability and accuracy over a wide range of dose rates.

Research in Pulse Radiolysis: Responsible for adapting 35 MeV linear accelerator to experimental use with single pulses of electrons and for design and construction of optical and electronic systems to observe transient chemical products by microsecond absorption spectrophotometry in a research program sponsored by Dr. J. Ovadia of Michael Reese Hospital and Dr. L. I. Grossweiner of Illinois Institute of Technology.

Accelerator Physics: Responsible for upgrading of 35 MeV Stanford linear accelerator, including design and construction of electron beam focusing and steering magnets, beam position and waveform monitors, and related high vacuum and temperature control systems.
1954 - 1964 

1954 Research Assistant 
1957 Instructor in Radiology 
1959 Assistant Professor of Radiology 

Department of Radiology, 
College of Medicine, 
University of Illinois 

Responsibilities included: 

Radiation Therapy Physics: Operation, maintenance, and improvement of Allis-Chalmers 24 MeV betatron for x-ray and electron therapy. Design specialized appliances for field shaping and patient positioning. 

Calibrate and plot x-ray and electron depth-dose distributions. Consult with oncologist and technician on multiple-port and shaped-field treatment planning. Assist with patient preparation and positioning. 

Design and build electro-optical analog computer for instantaneous display of isodose curves in multiple-port therapy planning. 

Radiobiology Research: Design special appliances and instrumentation and assist with animal irradiation experiments. Participate in study of effect of patient's skin temperature upon skin reaction, with air jet cooling in an electron therapy port. Conduct experiments with pulsed radio-frequency irradiation of tumor-cell suspensions and macromolecules, using modified short-wave radio transmitter. 

Teaching: Parts of a year-long course in radiological physics for residents in radiology and biological research personnel. Work with residents and staff doctors on radiotherapy planning and instrumentation 

1950 - 1954 

Electronics Technician 

Institute for Nuclear Studies 
University of Chicago 

Duties included: 

Operate 100 MeV G.E. betatron for experimental irradiations and machine adjustments. 

Fabricate new accelerator tube and modified electron gun assemblies. Rebuild mass spectrometer leak detector, high vacuum equipment, ion chamber instruments. 

Education and Professional Affiliations  
B.S. (Physics) University of Chicago, 1954. 

M.S. (Applied Physics) Illinois Institute of Technology, 1972. 

[Certification] in Therapeutic/Radiological Physics by American Board of Radiology, 1978. 

Member, American Association of Physicists in Medicine 

Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science 

Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 

Member, IEEE Computer Society 

Attended AAPM Summer School, "Physics of Nuclear Medicine,"  Bucknell University, 1972. 

AAPM Summer School, "Physical Aspects of Hyperthermia,"  Dartmouth College, 1981. 

Varian customer training program, Basic and Advanced Maintenance of CLINAC 4/ and 6/100, November 1981. 

AAPM Summer School, "Update on Physics of Nuclear Medicine,"  Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1983. 

AAPM Summer School, "Magnetic Resonance Imaging",  University of Portland, 1985. 

L. L. Haas and G. H. Sandberg, "Modification of Depth Dose Curves of High Energy X-Pay and Electron Beams by Interposed Bone." Radiology 66, 102 (1956). 

W.S. Moos and G.H. Sandberg, "Photographic method for Use in Isodose Plotting." Proc. Instrument Society of America 11, (1965). 

L. L. Haas and G. H. Sandberg, "Modification of Depth Dose Curves of Various Radiations by Interposed Bone." British Journal of Radiology 30, 9 (1957). 

G. H. Sandberg and W. S. Moos, "An Electronic Isodose Computer for Planning Multiportal Radiation Therapy, Featuring Instantaneous Display of Isodose Curves with Continuous Variability of Position and Fractional Dose in Each Field." Radiology 68, 103 (1957). (Abstract; work in progress and scientific exhibit at RSNA meeting; Award of Merit) 

G. H. Sandberg, "Contour Plotter Monitors Multiple Beam Radiation." Electronics, Dec. 1958 

L. I. Grossweiner, A. F. Rodde, G. Sandberg, J. Chrysachoos. "Pulse Radiolysis of Aqueous Eosin." Nature 210, 1154 (1966). 

J. Ovadia. "Electron Energy Calibration by Nuclear Activation 'Ihresliolds, 10 - 25 MeV." Annals of N.Y. Acad. of Sci. 161, 3 July 1969. 

J. Ovadia, F. Borger, J. Sadauskis, and G. H. Sandberg. "Limitations in the Use of Scattering Foils to Produce Flattened Distribution with Electrons of 10-40 MeV." Quarterly Bulletin of the AAPM, p. 18, December 1969 (abstract) 

J. Ovadia, F. Borger and G. H. Sandberg. "Photodisintegration in oxygen and Energy Calibration of Electron Accelerators." Physics in Medicine and Biology 15, 140 (1970). (abstract) 

G. H. Sandberg. "An Electro-Optical Patient Localization Monitor Using Retro-Reflecting Tape." Physics in Medicine and Biology 15, 192 (1970). (abstract) 

G. H. Sandberg. "Apparatus for Pulse Radiolysis Research Assembled at Michael Reese Hospital, Radiation Therapy Department, Chicago, Illinois." Master's Thesis, Department of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology. (Contains bibliography of 12 publications by others on radiation chemistry of organic dyes and macromolecules using apparatus described above.) 

G. H. Sandberg "Patient Position Monitoring Methods and System for Use During Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures." U.S. Patent no. 3629594 issued October 1971. Now a commercial product as the "Isovigilant" retroreflective laser pointer, available from Gammex, Inc, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Phone and E-mail 
Maj. Joseph Harmon 
Chief of Medical Physics 
Keesler Medical Center 
Radiation Oncology 
301 Fisher Street Rm.1A132 
Keesler AFB MS 39534 
(228) 377-6291 
Sandra J. Herrington, M.D.  74th MDSS/SGSXT 
4881 Sugar Maple Drive 
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-5529 
(937) 257-4159 
Elizabeth Bloom, M.D. 
Medical Director 
Keesler Medical Center 
Radiation Oncology 
301 Fisher Street Rm.1A132 
Keesler AFB MS 39534 
(228) 377-6291 
Thomas Pedrick, M.D. 
Radiation Oncologist
Radiation Oncology 
Riverside Methodist Hospitals 
3535 Olentangy River Road 
Columbus, Ohio 43214 
(614) 566-5560 
(614) 566-6958 Fax
Gordon Taylor, M.D. 
Medical Director (Retired) 
Radiology Dept. 
Riverside Methodist Hospital 
6642 Merwin Road 
Worthington OH 43235 
(614) 889-1184 
Jerome Dare, Ph.D. 
Prof. Emeritus 
Radiology Department 
Ohio State University 
2456 Middlesex Road 
Columbus OH 43220 
(614) 457-3032 
Jacques Ovadia, Ph.D. 
Prof. Emeritus 
Cellular & Rad. Oncology 
University of Chicago 
1722 E. 55th Street. 
Chicago IL 60615 
(773) 493-5704 
Lawrence Lanzl, Ph.D. 
Dept. Med. Physics 
Rush University 
1653 W. Congress Pkwy. 
Chicago, Illinois 60612 
(773) 241-5750 
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