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From Roentgens to CentiGrays

A historical approach to clarify the concepts of "Exposure" and "Absorbed Dose" in radiological practice and the standardized measurement techniques.

Photon Depth-Dose Data Formats

A presentation of the standard formats for tabulation of depth-dose data:  PDD, TAR, TOR, TPR, TMR, SAR, SOR, with rationales and historic context.

Use of Photon Relative Depth - Dose Tables

 A walk through the calculations to prescribe therapy machine settings from depth - dose data tables in the standard formats

Physical Considerations in Radiation Therapy Patient Positioning

Starting from examples of depth-dose data for typical radiation therapy fields an intuitive appreciation is developed for the effects of patient positioning errors on absorbed dose, and the advantages of isocentric treatment plans are discussed.

C-T Scout Images

An example of  using test objects to determine magnifications for entering brachytherapy sources into a Radiotherapy Planning program.
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